It’s more than an envelope.

It’s branding real estate; a blank canvas to help you deliver your brand.

First impressions count.

It’s a way for your customers to identify your brand instantly amongst the mail.

It’s BrandPost®.






Maximise Customer Appeal

Maximise Customer Appeal

From simply printing your logo to a customised direct marketing campaign, your envelope is a blank canvas to maximise the customer impact of
your mail.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

A print option to suit every requirement and a free no obligation proof before going to print.

Easy to Order

Easy to Order

Give us a call on 0800 227 678 or send us an enquiry and we’ll step you through the ordering, it’s an easy, no fuss process.


When sending mail to your clients, first impressions count. Your envelope is the first encounter clients have with your brand. Make an impact, sell a message, show professionalism or simply identify who the mail is from in amongst letterbox clutter - it’s as simple as branding your envelopes.

Envelope overprinting is the process where we print your logo or message onto a pre-assembled envelope. With plenty of envelope options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. BrandPost® can be done on postage included, FreePost or permit envelopes and if a return address is included in the artwork then any undeliverable mail will be returned to you, the sender.

BrandPost® have three envelope printing options depending on your requirements; these are explained below, but if you have an idea of what you’re after, give us a call and we’ll find the right solution for you.






Elite Envelope Printing

Fully customise your envelopes

For businesses who want to fully customise their envelopes, the Elite option allows for branding on the outside and interior of your envelope; giving you a truly professional, fully branded envelope. Having your logo or pattern printed on an envelope’s interior helps prevent confidential information from being read through the envelope. When ordering large amounts of the Elite envelopes, we can even manage the storage and distribution of your envelope stock to suit your requirements, making the ordering of large print runs easier and more convenient than ever.







Premium Envelope Overprinting

Have an intricate

Our Premium option uses offset printing technology to overprint your logo onto your choice of envelope. This option is best suited to businesses who have specific logo colours, or an intricate logo design. Premium overprinted envelopes give a professional, high quality print and allows you to choose from a full range of print colours.


*These are guidelines only, please contact us to discuss what option best suits your requirements.








Economy Envelope Overprinting

Great if
you're budget conscious

Using your chosen envelope, the Economy option uses a digital printing method to overprint your envelope with your logo or messaging. This option is great if you’re budget conscious, or if you change your envelope design frequently. Keep in mind that this Economy option only allows for a one colour print.









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